Monday, 21 July 2014

7th, 8th and future 9th Console Generation Opinions


 Okay, so as most gamers know, the WII U is currently selling badly, which is disappointing considering the WII sold so well during the past 7th generation. Now here is something to consider: Why did the WII sell so well?
In my opinion, the Nintendo WII (November 2006) sold well because it appealed to families more than it did to gamers. First of all, the most common controller for the WII is the odd looking WII Remote. In comparison to the Xbox 360 Controller and the Dualshock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3, the well known "Wii Remote" is the cheapest looking out of all 3 of them, and in the future I want to see more Nintendo controllers that are as comfortable as the Gamecube Controller (predecessor) and as nice looking as the Xbox One controller. I as a Nintendo fan prefer the Gamecube Controller and the Wii Classic Controller than the "Wii Remote." But the issue is, the Wii Classic Controller needed to be plugged into a Wii Remote, so technically, the controller was only useful for playing older games on the Wii's virtual console. One thing I do love about the Nintendo consoles is the backwards compatibility. That's one thing that is great about the Wii. I can play Gamecube games and use a Gamecube Controller on a Nintendo WII. With the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4, there is no backwards compatibility with their predecessors. The Virtual Console on the 3DS and WII U surely need more games, and it would be nice to see some Gamecube games on the WII U's Virtual Console. Now, people say that the WII U lacks third party content, while the Xbox One and PS4 don't. I think that the Nintendo titles for the WII U seem amazing like Smash Bros 4 and Mario Kart 8, but the WII U still needs some other games else than the usual Mario Bros, 3D Mario VS Bowser games, and the Zelda games. Now as Nintendo's big step up with the WII U is the HD graphics, Nintendo needs to start making powerful consoles that someday will be even more powerful than the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

So, I've heard many things about the Xbox One, and my opinions are, "So, are the games any good?" Okay, Microsoft. So you're telling me instead of using Cable, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV, I should use you're product (the Xbox One) to watch television? And now I "get" to pay $100.00 more for Kinect? No way. The Xbox One is one barely seems like a machine I'm supposed to play games on. I feel like Sony's focus is on having great games that gamers and maybe some more non-gamers can enjoy playing. I feel like Microsoft should realize that making us pay so much money on an
"Xbox One," or "Windows PC in disguise" is annoying. And after wasting your money on an Xbox One, they make you pay for Xbox Live. I like the idea that PS4 controllers and the WII U Gamepad can be charged instead of having to have battery changes, despite the fact that the DualShock 4 and WII U Gamepad don't last for as long as an Xbox One Controller.

Obviously, Nintendo still refuses to make their games for the Xbox One, PS4, PSVita, and other recent devices, which means buy a WII U if you play games that have Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, and the WII U will soon have Super Smash Bros 4. Gamers who like online interaction and voice chat will like their PS4 and even more, their Xbox One (even though you need to pay for Xbox Live.) The PS4 comes with cheap headphones, so you may want to buy a headset for your PlayStation 4. While the PS4 and Xbox One are more powerful than their competition, the WII U, Nintendo is still improving the console by releasing new system changes.

                     So, the question is: What do I think will happen in the next generation of consoles?

I think Nintendo will try and make more powerful consoles, and they may try and immitate Microsoft a bit, and I think Nintendo will start fresh and get rid of their classic "Wii" and "DS" names, but then again, we have the Wii, Wii U, and Wii Mini. That's three Wiis. We also have the DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, 3DSXL, and 2DS. So either Nintendo love the classic DS and Wii names, or they are running out of creative names. Within the next 3 years, Nintendo will most likely release a new handheld console. It may be a 1DS, a SuperDS, a WiiDS, or maybe even a DSAdvance! Most likely in 2018, Nintendo will release a new home console, and I'm expecting due to the WII U's lack of power, the next home console will have MUCH better graphics, and many other options. The PlayStation 5 is probably going to have a Dualshock 5, and since I like PlayStations better than Xboxes, I'm hoping the PS5 will be more powerful than the next Xbox unlike the PS4 VS the Xbox One. I hope Sony tries to make a better handheld console than the PSVita considering the PSVita didn't do so well, and was no competition compared to the Nintendo 3DS. Now let's talk about Microsoft. I feel like even though Microsoft is making GAME CONSOLES, Microsoft is still going to try and compete with Apple in their GAME consoles. The Xbox One will probably still be releasing games after the next Xbox is released considering that games are still being released for the Xbox 360. But because Microsoft makes consoles that have so many options, if the next Xbox will be amazing, and Microsoft makes their console maybe $120 dollars cheaper, the next Xbox will be a success. And who knows, maybe we'll have a new competitor! There's a possibility that maybe Amazon or Apple may create a home console, but if they do, what will happen to Nintendo?